Health Systems Sales Lead

We are hiring a health systems sales lead to drive rapid customer and revenue growth in 2020. This is an opportunity to get in early with a product we’ve already demonstrated can be sold, to set the stage for a growing sales team, and to help shape the next phase of our platform.

We want people who are…

  • Disciplined yet flexible. You know how to navigate large healthcare organizations and close deals. You are comfortable experimenting to find what works best, then you make it part of your process so it happens every time.
  • Bold yet humble. Our approach with customers is always that we’re here to help. We never want to miss an opportunity to learn from a prospect. At the same time, we’d be doing our clients a disservice if we didn’t challenge their status quo.
  • Collaborative and multi-disciplinary. Our team is composed of developers, designers, implementation specialists and healthcare experts. You’ll work best with us if you are open to multi-disciplinary collaboration and thoughtful about facilitating conversation and critique and responding to feedback.
  • Driven to make an impact in healthcare. Healthcare is messy, and it takes a certain confidence and perseverance to attempt to fix things. We’re motivated by the potential for impact we’re making in the lives of healthcare providers and patients.
  • Excited to work in a start-up environment. For us, this means short timelines, hard work, less than glamorous conditions, and the ability to be a bit scrappy when we need to. We want people who are resourceful, ambitious and comfortable with ambiguity.

If you join us, you will…

  • Lead our efforts to close strong bookings growth next year. You will be involved in designing and operating all stages of our sales process, but your focus will be closing deals.
  • Help build an incredible team. As the company’s first full-time sales executive, you will work closely with the CEO, sales development and customer success to design and grow a well-tuned sales engine. You will also build strong connections with the rest of the company, because it’s more effective and more fun that way.
  • Participate fully in product discussions to refine the current product & design what comes next. You have to know the product you’re selling backwards and forwards, and you’ll bring invaluable feedback from customers and prospects to the conversation.


  • Proven sales record selling healthcare IT to health systems
  • Experience hiring and managing sales development representatives
  • Strong quantitative sales metrics skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Facility using and talking about software technology

To apply:

Email Moses Hohman at with cover letter and resume/LinkedIn profile.