Director, Software Development

Who we are

Flare Health is an investor-backed digital health startup in Chicago. We work with some of the most prestigious hospital systems in the country to connect patients needing specialized care to these hospital systems’ expert physicians. We are a small, mighty and profitable company founded by a software developer CEO and a physician. Due to strong recent growth, we’ve grown to the point that our CEO needs to step back completely from software development. This creates an opportunity for you to work with a founding leadership team that values and understands product and will provide you the space to do your best work!

The interesting challenge we solve

Today’s referral process puts a great burden on patients, who are often already experiencing extreme stress due to their diagnosis. Bureaucratic burden is the last thing they need. This high-friction referral process also leaves physicians completely disconnected, making it difficult to collaborate effectively on their patients’ care. Our solution connects the dots for patients/physicians/staff to help patients get the care they need quickly and strengthens physicians’ professional networks to help them work with the right specialist for each patient’s specific needs.

We’re scaling up our team

Over the next twelve months, we are hiring six developers as part of an effort to build out a world-class startup product team. At the front end of that, we are looking to hire a leader who will collaboratively shape the technology direction going forward and help catalyze our hiring ramp.

Successful candidates will demonstrate truly superior, hands-on technical leadership (code craft, code design, technology selection and use, team process) and strong mentorship capabilities. This role will start primarily with individual contributorship and progress over the coming year toward either a more managerial role (e.g. VPE track) or a distinguished engineer role, depending on the person.

The unique opportunity

Here’s how we imagine your first year with us.

You’ll spend the first month getting up to speed on our platform by collaborating with the rest of the team: pair programming to deliver a production feature in your first two weeks, shadowing our user research team to get some firsthand user context, and planning with our CEO to ramp up our hiring process while upholding a high quality bar.

You will work full stack on both our Ember mobile app and Rails/Spring Boot backend, iterating on features until we know they are having a meaningful impact for users. Your insistence on well written, well-designed code will find common cause with other members of our team, and your experience with automated testing and knowledge of all the ways it can be useful and not so useful will raise the bar of our automated testing practice.

Over the coming year, you will enable us to tackle strategic technical projects, like major, new user-facing features, broad architecture & infrastructure improvements to support scaling and robustness, and increased automation of the product delivery workflow and developer happiness.

To help grow the public profile of our technical team, you will be encouraged and sponsored to attend and give technical conference talks. You will also reach out to your network to find great people and will lead our presence at selective job fairs and other events to help attract top candidates.

You will also contribute significantly to company strategic discussions, sharing your insights to push us toward the light, not just through the product release cycle but across the board.

We’ll look back on our first year knowing we did brilliant work together. And three years from now you will know that you made healthcare more effective, better coordinated, and more human for patients, physicians, and healthcare organizations around the world.


We offer a competitive salary and benefits that include platinum PPO medical and dental coverage, as well as a retirement plan with company matching.

To apply, please email with a brief statement about your interest in the position, a code sample/representative GitHub repo, and your resume/LinkedIn.